A couple years ago, I had a booth at the Rose City Classic Dog show. My friend Danielle Hall came up from California to help me with the booth. During a time when activity at the booth was slow, Danielle decided to go get a sandwich while I was talking with a couple gals from a service dog organization. During the time we talked, their wonderfully behaved seasoned golden retriever service dog just laid next to them observing what was going on around him. We were having a really nice chat about how fitness can help service dogs when Danielle returned with her sandwich.

As I was finishing my conversation, Danielle sat down and started to take a bite.

And then…..

All of a sudden, I see this flash of fur LAUNCH past me. I turned to see that this seasoned service dog had Danielle’s hand AND her sandwich in his mouth and he was not going to let go. The owners of this dog were HORRIFIED. Danielle didn’t want to let go because her sandwich was wrapped with plastic and she didn’t want the dog to eat the plastic. It all happened as if it was in slow motion but between the owner, myself and Danielle we got the dog to let go. Danielle and I were cleaning up the sandwich fixing that got all over the booth and the owners and dog, slipped away

Sometimes we forget that a dog is not a robot and that dogs have off days or lapses in behavior memory.
Maybe they are just hungry and that sandwich was just too good to pass up.