Enrollment Begins: May 1, 2020 and Ends: May 15, 2020

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Learn to Evaluate Equipment Choices and Substitutions for a Variety of Exercises Specific to Your BIG Dog.

Implement This Knowledge for Proper Form and Muscle Engagement!

Geared toward handlers with dogs that are 45 lb. up to giant breeds, this class will teach important equipment considerations, substitutions, and set-ups to ensure your dog has proper form and is set up for success. Width, inflation, and size of equipment matters! In addition, learn helpful ideas and exercises for fitness on the road - pack small for big benefits – for large dogs, alternatives to some cavaletti drills for the rail whacker, and valuable KLIMB, pad, or platform combinations. 
Discover a variety of diverse, beneficial exercises and combinations to properly strengthen your dog. While exercises will benefit dogs of all sizes, class is catered to offer suggestions for larger breeds that sometimes seem “not to fit” on some equipment! These exercises will reduce the chance of injury, improve strength and flexibility, enhance performance and increase quality of life for your dog! You’ll broaden your mind to different choreography configurations.

Why take this class:

🌀 Learn proper form and equipment progressions for big dogs – dogs 45 lb. and up!  
🌀 Learn how to analyze your dog’s form using different types of equipment so you may choose the proper piece to meet your goals!
🌀 Acquire exercises for fitness on the road (pack light for big benefits!), alternative setups for some cavaletti rail drills, and beneficial platform (KLIMB) combinations. 
🌀 Adapt the exercises to more difficult combinations – as suggested in class!
🌀 Learn a variety of exercises with correct form and progressions that apply to any healthy dog. These will complement each other as you strive to work your dog in all planes of motion and your dog’s core, hind, and front.  
🌀 Bolster the strength, coordination, and injury prevention of dogs at any level, size, and age. Adapt the exercises to non-big dogs, too!
🌀 Exercise and mentally fatigue your dog efficiently and correctly – this is especially helpful if you live in an apartment or townhome! What a fabulous way to condition, exercise, and mentally fatigue your dog.
🌀 Implement this knowledge with over 25 exercises

Who should participate?

There will be discussion threads to ask questions and post video for review.  Everyone is a participant. Each class is broken into sections with one or more lessons within each section. You can submit up to 3 minutes of video per section for instructional review.
Class will start on the 15th of the enrolling month. Each section will post to the site every 7 days. The course is open for video submission, questions, review and comments for 90 days after the first day of class - access to material lasts for 1 yr.


Analyzing and implementing equipment choices 
Alternatives for the cavaletti crasher
Grab 2 KLIMBs and 2 pads: Part 1
Grab 2 KLIMBs and 2 pads: Part 2
Traveling fitness - Pack small for big (dog) benefits: Part 1
Traveling fitness - Pack small for big (dog) benefits: Part 2

Class consists of 6 lessons with multiple exercises per lesson.

What level are the exercises?

This course will have beginner to advanced exercise with most falling in the intermediate to advanced level. This class will focus specifically on the exercises taught and I will answer questions about the foundation movements needed but will not be teaching all the foundation movements (see suggested pre-requisite).

Suggested Pre-requisite A basic understanding of clicker or marker signal training and the following behaviors either on verbal or hand signal cue, using a target or lured:

🌀 Value for front, rear, and all feet on equipment
🌀 Lateral (sideways) walking (beginner level)
🌀 Basic positional changes (sit, down and stand)
🌀 Chin hold or nose touch hold
Although not required, students may benefit by having previously taken the Foundation Fitness. Students who have not taken Foundation Fitness are very welcome in this class.

Possible Equipment – Substitutions will be recommended if you don’t have the equipment used in the videos - just ask if you need additional substitutions after watching the videos. There are many possible equipment options and you may use something you have lying around your house.

🌀 1-2 KLIMBS, 1 aerobic step bench, or another platform, such as a two-on-two-off board, agility table, etc. For giant breeds, you may need to use 2 KLIMBs. Your dog should be able to neutrally stand comfortably on the platform and be able to lie down with his entire body on the platform (including the front feet and excluding his tail). 
🌀 2 FitPAWS balance pad(s) or equivalent foam pads
🌀 2-4 FitPAWS circular product holders – formerly known as donut holders – or taped pool noodles, taped foam piping, or rolled up beach towels that form a ring shape.
🌀 2 FitPAWS minibones (you may substitute FitPAWS paw pods, 2-4 small or medium rubber feed buckets, 2 small foam pads such as https://www.amazon.com/Balancing-Exercise-Stability-Stretching-Physical/dp/B07STG9XBF/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=balance+pad+large+2+in+1&qid=1585140762&s=sporting-goods&sr=1-3 OR 2-4 homemade small targets made out of packing foam and athletic tape)
🌀 Optional: 1 FitPAWS ramp (you may substitute a balance pad, small disc, or medium to large rubber feed bucket) – this is listed as optional as you will likely have a balance pad to substitute
🌀 Optional: FitPAWS balance pads or cut up yoga mat pieces to use as foot targets if needed or to prevent equipment from sliding
🌀 Optional: 2-4 beach towels or large bath towels
🌀 Optional: 2 cones or 2 tall rainboots (you may also use the sides of an agility jump)
Training Methods - A variety of training methods can be used to obtain the proper movement or position - shaping, luring, targeting, and It's Yer Choice. These will be discussed in the video tutorials, in the forum and through video review but every tiny step will not be demonstrated in the instructional video. You will need to break each behavior down into small pieces so that your dog understands what is being asked.

Disclaimer: Some information in this class may overlap or appear in other classes due to the foundation needed for many behaviors, tricks and fitness exercises. In addition, there are overlapping skills needed for many different performance activities so you may see exercises that are the same but packaged up differently toward a slightly different goal.

Jasey Day, CCFT

Certified Canine Fitness Trainer

Jasey teaches weekly group classes at a local vet clinic in Raleigh, NC. She also owns and runs Day Fit Dogs, which provides canine fitness private lessons, blog writing, and seminar services.

She is a member of the Bobbie Lyons K9FITteam - a team of compassionate canine fitness instructors who actively teach others and continually expand their own knowledge. 

Since 2004, Jasey has taught a variety of canine workshops, seminars, and classes on the following: Fitness, Swimming, Puppy, Canine Good Citizen/Family Pet, Advanced Family Pet, Rally, and Agility. In addition, Jasey has earned over 60 titles across four dogs in Dock Diving, Agility, Rally, CGC and Trick Dog. Jasey’s Labrador Retriever, Turbojet, spends his time hiking, training, teaching classes, and dock diving.

This course is not open for enrollment at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the class start and finish?

Class officially starts the day after the enrollment period ends. New material will be posted every 7 days after class begins to allow you time to process the information and start the training process. Video review and commenting will be open for 90 days from the start of class allowing you plenty of time to work through the material, take and edit video and formulate your questions as well as allow the instructor time to review and give feedback. We have built-in extra time after all class materials are available so that students that are behind or students still working on behaviors can ask questions and post videos​ for review and comment.

How long do I have access to the class?

For one year from the start of class. The school reserves the right to modify, update or remove this class at any time.

What is your refund policy for current classes?

You will receive a refund if you request your cancellation at least 1 day before the class begins. There are no refunds after class has started.

What if I am unhappy with the class?

We make every effort to offer valuable information at an affordable rate. We suggest you read the class description carefully before making your purchase to determine if the class is right for you. Because there are many levels of trainers, there will be material that is review for some and new to others. For those that are review, it will give you an opportunity to look at what you have trained and refine the behaviors as needed. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact admin at [email protected]

Can instructors diagnose or treat injury?

No - instructors and assistant instructors cannot diagnose or treat injury. They can design fitness plans for healthy dogs or dogs that have a written release from veterinary care and/or veterinary rehabilitation care.