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Bobbie designed this Facebook group to inspire healthy discussions and educate members about canine fitness. Videos from her 2024 Monthly Fitness class will be posted to help provide education and discussion topics. She will post other exercises and information as well as host scheduled Facebook lives to answer questions that members may have.

This will be a positive group open to anyone that wants in, but only positive constructive discusson will be allowed. Offenders will ejected from the group.

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Bobbie Lyons, CSCC, CCFT, KPA CTP

Lead Instructor and Program Director - Certified Canine Strength and Conditioning Coach Program
Certified Canine Fitness Trainer
Karen Pryor Academy Faculty

Bobbie has been teaching and learning about canine fitness for over 18 years. Her keen eye of movement and ability to adjust exercises to improve strength is undeniable. Bobbie creates pet, performance, and working dog canine fitness plans focusing on improving posture and strength specifically for the activities the dog is involved in, or the activities the handler strives to achieve.

Blending dog training techniques with canine fitness is what makes Bobbie an asset to any handler dog team or family. She can help you break down behavior, add in strength, and end up with a very strong behavior that improves performance while decreasing the chances of injury.

Bobbie is the Program Director for the Certified Canine Strength and Conditioning Coach program accredited by the North Carolina State Veterinary Medicine and a Karen Pryor Academy Faculty member. She spends a good amount of her time teaching others to improve their training skills and how to add canine fitness to their career path.

Bobbie is a fun, relaxed instructor who likes to teach more like a conversation. She is very giving of her time and imparts an amazing amount of information. This is an effort to help students understand why, how, and what to look for when training and completing canine fitness exercises.

Bobbie has 4 dogs who swim weekly, play frisbee, trick training, and take part in canine fitness exercises. Bobbie previously has competed in agility, dock diving, disc and trick training, Bobbie trains a large variety of behaviors in an effort to understand what is needed in many canine sports and what is required of working dogs. Her clients whether pet, sport, or working dog benefit from Bobbie's vast knowledge of canine fitness and dog behavior training.

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