Always Open for Enrollment: Targeting classes always include discussion and video feedback. Not your typical self-guided course. Sign up by clicking the link below.

Targeting Basics AND Foot Targeting

Take my targeting classes to learn how to put your targeting skills on "cue" and how to use them to communicate more efficiently with your dog.

NEW - Achieving Rear End Awareness

July Classes - Enroll July 1 - July 15, 2019


All Things Cavalettis taught by Danielle Hall: This class will cover in-depth what you can do with cavalettis for strength, gait and body awareness.

Paddling With Pups taught by Jennifer Hill: This class is all about stand up paddleboarding with your pup.


Successful Start-line Stays taught by Lisa Schmit: In this class, you will learn Lisa's step by step methodology and the ability to proof your start-lines with targets and toys. Lisa will show videos with her young dog as well as advanced dogs to show you real time training and how to handle training challenges.

Teaching Turns and Adding Distance taught by Lisa Schmit: Do you want to know how to teach your dog to turn? This class is great for young dogs just starting out or for more seasoned teams that want to push more distance.

September Classes - Enroll Sept 1 - Sept 15, 2019


Focus on Jumping - taught by Bobbie Lyons: This class will improve your dog's muscle engagement and over all understanding of how to efficiently power over a jump.


The Connection Zone taught by Lisa Schmit: In this class we will go over connection games to do with your dog to keep your dog in the Connection Zone inside and outside the ring.

November Classes - Enroll Nov 1 - Nov 15, 2019


Future/Other Class options

Aerobic/Anaerobic Fitness by Danielle Hall

Urban Fitness by Danielle Hall

Clicker Training


Strength for Dock Diving by Kirstin Holt

Strength for Flyball

Program design

Frisbee Fitness by Danielle Hall

Discriminations taught by Lisa Schmit: This class will go over how to train your dog for consistent, fast and independent discriminations. Step by step instructions, videos and assignments are given.

Distance Challenges taught by Lisa Schmit: This is a great class to have training and handling discussions about the skills needed for each course I set! There are always many ways to handle courses.