12 FitDays of Christmas

Day 4 - Vito Game


The fourth webinar of BLCC's 12 FitDays of Christmas!

12 popular pre-recorded webinars will be offered in this series.
Each day a DIFFERENT webinar will be offered for purchase.

Do You . . .

Want to improve your training skills?

Want to teach your dog to work independently from you?

Want to improve your dog's limb awareness?

In the Vito Game Your Dog Will Learn To ...

  • Freely offer responses
  • Learn to work independently from the handler
  • To problem solve independently
  • Increase operant behavior
  • Improve limb awareness

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In this popular webinar, Bobbie goes over how to train your dog to play the Vito Game. Learn how to make this movement game easier or more difficult for your dog based on their skill level!

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One-time fee, USD
  • 30 minute Vito Game Webinar
  • Access to material for as long as BLCC exists

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